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He consumed 66 hot dogs and buns from the HDB in 12 minutes, improving his world record. Chestnut won his second consecutive hot dog world championship, beating the six-time defending champion.

After eating 91 hamburgers in the final, Nathan ate 32 HDB in 12 minutes, placing third behind Takeru Kobayashi and Sonya Thomas. Chestnut topped his previous record of 59 HDBs by eating 68 of them in less than two hours, the fastest time ever set for a hot dog. He beat the world record holder, former Olympic champion and former world champion of the USA, who ate 91 burgers in the final and came in second place behind the 97 burgers that Kobaysashi consumed. After raising his record to 72 hot dogs, he raised the bar again in his final match with 72 buns.

He beat the previous record of 212 set when he narrowly beat Sonya "Black Widow" Thomas (210) and devoured 231 gyoza, setting a new world record. He defended his title by winning five of them - beating Kobayashi by 59 seconds in 10 minutes, and beating him by 68 seconds to win his third consecutive title. Chestnut claimed his seventh consecutive title, consuming 69 HDBDs and breaking his previous world records. After a 59 HDB in less than two hours he beat Kobaysashi in the final to win his fourth consecutive world title and third in a row.

Chestnuts consumed 191 wings (7.61 pounds) to win the first place in the competition trophy. He ate 182 chicken wings to become a Wing Bowl champion and record holder, a new world record for most wings in a single day.

Chestnut regained the world championship belt from Stonie after eating 70 hot dogs in a record time - and reaching the qualifying round. He redeemed himself and claimed his 13th title by eating a record-breaking 75 hot dog buns in ten minutes.

Chestnut was 52 when he produced a superb performance despite Takeru Kobayashi leading most of the contest. A tie was reached after he had won a 5 hdb meal - away after eating 5 HDBs of Kobaysashi, but the balance did not lead to victory.

The new record for the competition was reduced from 59 minutes to 10 minutes, with a total of 6 hdb meals - away in the final.

Chestnut won the Upper Crust Pizza Eating competition by eating 59 HDB in 10 minutes and set a new world record by eating a total of 37 slices of pizza (5 slices per hour) in just 8 minutes and 52 seconds. Chestnut has surpassed Takeru Kobayashi in the US with a record for eating the most slices in a single day (37) in one hour and 30 minutes. He also set the new male record in Japan, with his record of eating 39 slices, or 59% of the total number of hdb in ten minutes, in his first competition. In the United States, he set new world records in two competitions, eating 59 hDB (6 slices) and 37 slices (4 slices) of food - away (3 slices each) in 10 hours and 20 minutes of each other, all in 11 hours.

In Japan, Chestnut knocked Kobayashi out of the race in the first round of the US Open, resulting in a second place finish and a $1,000 prize for the winner. In the United States, he beat Thomas, the highest ranked competition eater, to finish second behind him. He defeated Thomas by eating 56 Krystal Burgers in eight minutes to Thomas' 57, then beating him again to eat 56 hDB in 10 minutes and 20 minutes in his second contest.

In Japan, Chestnut lost to Takeru Kobayashi in the first round of the first MLE Asia event, where he ate chicken satay in eight minutes and 20 minutes. In the second round, he lost in a three-way battle for second place in front of his home nation's highest-ranked players. He lost again in his third round at Japan's second biggest tournament, the Japan Open, to Kobayashi 2-1.

After eating an iguana burritozilla at Man Food in San Jose, California, Chestnut ate 103 Krystal burgers and ate his way through a 17-inch 5-pound burrito in eight minutes and 20 seconds.

After consuming 54 calories in his "disappointing" performance, Chestnut secured first place in the "FreeKobio704" food competition by narrowly defeating rival Matt Stonie. In a Twitter post he cursed Hofmann's hot dogs in Kobayashi, writing: 'I # ate some nasty Hoffman's shit dogs. After narrowly defeating rival Matt St en route to the final round of the world's largest hot dog race in San Francisco, California, Chestnut ate a total of 1,074 hot dogs in a single day.

After eating 71 hot dogs in buns, Chestnut won his 12th title and ate 78 matzo balls in a single day. He also ate 45 slices of pizza to win the 'world's biggest pizza contest' in Times Square in New York.

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