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The scramble for a debate schedule continues in the fiercely contested Kentucky Senate race, in which Republican Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky and his Republican opponent, US Republican Rand Paul, face off against Democratic challenger Amy McGrath. McConnell, who is seeking a seventh term, recently accepted an invitation from Kentucky-based WDRB-TV (Kentucky Educational Television) to debate McGraths in a second debate on Tuesday, September 26, at 7 p.m. in Louisville. McGrath has agreed to participate in another debate forum hosted by WPRD (TV) and Kentucky Education Television and is working to complete a third debate, her campaign said.

McConnell accepted an invitation Monday to attend a forum hosted by the Kentucky Farm Bureau, but McGrath declined the invitation. As a voice for agriculture in the state, we believe it is important for our members to hear directly from the candidates, "said John Sebastian, president and CEO of the Louisville-area farm organization. McConnell's campaign spokeswoman Kate Cooksey on Wednesday called McGraw's decision to skip the Farm Bureau forum a snub to Kentucky farmers. The Republican senator had a lot to explain, accusing him of putting corporate interests before family businesses in Kentucky, Sebastian said.

The Kentucky Farm Bureau, a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization, provides a comprehensive range of products and services to farmers, ranchers, business owners, farmers "associations and farming families.

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We are happy to connect everyone who comes to us with your local church. Helping Hand Hope's website and explaining how they reach out to a variety of people in Hardin County who are struggling.

Radcliff was once larger than Elizabethtown, but he was short-lived in the 2000 census. During World War II, thousands of soldiers trained at Fort Knox and spent their free time at the USO in Rad Cliff. The next significant step in its history took place in the late 19th century, when Fort Knox expanded and relocated the cities of Stithton and New Stithston, causing various residents, businesses and communities to move to Rad Cliffs. Helping Hand Hope staff and volunteers see this as a chance to help some of Hardin County's most vulnerable citizens.

McCullum named the new community after the newly built Camp Henry Knox, home to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers at Fort Knox.

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